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Talent is the foundation of enterprise development. The company regards respecting talents as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development, and regards promoting the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy. In the practice of human resources, the company is good at providing a stage for talents to fully display their talents. At the same time, through various effective ways, enterprises continuously improve the level of human resources management and the comprehensive quality of talents, promote the common development of enterprises and employees, and let employees share the achievements and successes of enterprise development.

(a), people make the best use of their talents

Companies adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy, adhere to the broad prospects for development to unite people, with beautiful career goals to motivate people. By establishing a scientific and effective talent mechanism, creating a positive and good talent growth environment, we are committed to providing a stage for every employee to fully display their talents, and by constantly creating personal development opportunities, all kinds of talents have opportunities and platforms to achieve success and self-worth.

(2) Common development and shared success

Without the efforts of employees, there will be no enterprise success, and there will be no employee success without enterprise success. Let employees and enterprises grow and develop together, which is the company's consistent view of talent development. The company encourages employees to combine their own development with the company's long-term planning, and provides employees with a variety of growth paths and development models. As a platform for employees to develop, enhance and realize their value, the company strives to create good growth conditions for every employee, and provide broad development space for every employee who is determined to become a talent, so that employees can exert their maximum potential and realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

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